Monday, May 13, 2013

Two Months


I realized this morning that’s it been two months since I posted. I really haven’t had anything to write about. I had surgery, lost over 50 pounds, lived through snow storms in MAY, started spring cleaning, had a wonderful Easter and a fantastic Mother’s Day.

I’ll try not to wait another two months before posting.




  1. :) I don't even want to say how long it has been since I have got in the way! LOL It happens...but I am still here! :)

  2. What was the surgery? 50 lbs? Amazing. I need to lose like 80. I hope you are doing good now and feeling happy! I saw this come up on my "Bloglovin'" and thought, who the heck is "Our Dailey Life"?

    You, who spells everything right and does not like grammar errors, why do you spell daily like that?

  3. 50 pounds - hope it was for good reasons Paula!!!
    If it was - congratulations!!!
    I keep coming by to see if you've posted - and voila - I hit the jackpot today LOL

  4. I'm with Suzan - if the weight loss was for good reason - congrats!!!

    I don't even know how long its been since I posted.... so busy with real life. My girls want me to post and let everyone know what we've been up to, but I can't find the time.


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